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When I started my university studies in 1999 at the Faculty of Statistical Sciences at Sapienza University in Rome, I still did not know what an actuary was and what professional opportunities it could open to me.

Of course, I did not ever imagine that after 21 years the "popularity" of this profession, outside the insurance context, is still at a minimum. 

Yes, because we are just over 1,000 in Italy but on the other hand we have a Professional Register which can be accessed after passing a state exam.  

Passionate about statistics and probability, I tried my luck by applying game theories to lotteries and betting, but I soon took note that studying in the long term was much better for me.

Focusing on a Degree in Statistical and Actuarial Sciences was one of the most appropriate choices; it certainly was not so easy, but if today it is thanks to this career path that i am able to start this project.

Many of you still might be wondering "what do these actuaries do"? 

We are experts in risk assessment, having scientific skills able to "transform into numbers" what is apparently abstract, such as the possible occurrence of an adverse event.

Insurance Companies have always been traditionally our "comfort zone", where the demand for actuaries still exceeds market availability.

So what pushed me to get out of this "comfort zone"? The answer is that I have always envied jobs and professional activities capable of stimulating and positive reaction from the end customer, i.e. "give my compliments to the chef " to a simple "thank you or I am grateful for the work done".

Furthermore, approaching 40 years, with the first fifteen of these as a freelance professional and the wide range of experience behind me, i have developed a strong desire to be able to provide a contribution to the economic development of ITALIAN’ SMEs and Startups system. Because of this I strongly believe that Risk Management is, and still will be for the immediate future a real great opportunity that the most inspired entrepreneurs can seize.

Like all opportunities, Risk Managers often bore each other talking about when the time of a more widespread diffusion will come, and no longer produce the same competitive advantages that it is able to generate today.

At this point, I hope I will have helped many companies to grow through simple advice drawn from my wide the experience gained from many years of working in large companies.

Last but not least: risk management fascinates me, and customers generally notice it from the passion I put into my work.

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